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CFO Services

The perfect CFO exists and helps manage financial statements and bookkeeping as well as providing strategic guidance to make better business decisions.

Women Chief Financial Officer Presenting - Finance Hire

Successful CFOs are expected to partner with and provide guidance to the Board, CEO, and other executives in making critical decisions directly impacting the success of the business.

Whether you need a seasoned leader to provide advisory or interim CFO services or support for critical finance transformation and performance improvement activities, Finance Hire provides the leadership, action, and results to meet today’s CFOs’ evolving needs.

CFO plans for your business

Fractional CFOs most commonly partner with companies to help overcome financial challenges, achieve growth, optimize strategy, implement financial systems and rigor, raise capital, or navigate an audit or transaction.

Achieve your business goals with a progressive financial plan designed and executed by your Fractional CFO advisor. A growing company requires professional financial management to thrive. Finance Hire provides tailored advice at a fraction of the expense of hiring a full-time employee, but with all the expertise, systems, and processes needed to support your company’s growth.

Many bootstrap startups begin with a part-time bookkeeper and simple bookkeeping systems, only later to discover that they cannot sustain additional business growth and complexity with their current accounting operations. Systems, resources, processes, and strategies must also progress in sophistication as a company grows.

Hire NYC-caliber Chief Financial Officers at half the cost

From startups to well-established companies, almost everyone these days needs high caliber financial leadership. A seasoned outsourced CFO is the financial leader that your business needs today and tomorrow.

But to hire the best outsourced CFO becomes a difficult task, as the demand to hire elite Chief Financial Officers is increasing drastically, and thousands of companies are competing to hire from the limited pool of skilled financial leaders.

So, what’s the solution? Is it possible to hire cost-effective outsourced CFO’s quickly without compromising on quality?

The answer is yes.

Finance Hire helps companies hire the best remote Chief Financial Officers pre-vetted for a NYC bar at half the price. We ensure the vetted chief financial officers are innovative, self-directed, and able to deal well with ambiguous situations. They also have a good grasp of soft skills like communication skills (both verbal and written), problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, etc.

Companies can now hire a team of the best remote CFO’s in just a few days with Finance Hire.

What Finance Hire does for you



Choose from our global pool of finance professionals and scale your team effortlessly.



We vet finance professionals based upon their actual skills and offer you the top remote financial professionals.


Matching & Onboarding

We match candidates according to your requirements and also ensure a smooth onboarding.



We streamline management with payments, billing visibility, and payment compliance.